Elastic R

Cathy  told me about elastic R a few weeks ago I’ve been playing around with it a bit. The goal of the project is to create a collaborative, web browser-based, environment for data analysis and computing in the cloud. So far I have to say the it looks absolutely great.

Here is a brief overview, with step-up step instructions of how to get started. Basically you sign up for an Amazon elastic compute account and use this to initiate a session on the elastic R site. This takes about 5-10 min to set up.

Then you are provided with a UI, that contains an IDLE,  file manager, graphic manager, collaboration and a few other consoles. All are easy to use and pretty much self-explanatory. Then you just code in R as you would before, upload files into the server, and explore. Moreover, it allows for real-time collaboration so you can share code, data, and run/test with others on deck. You can also grant different access privileges to your collaborators, manage projects, etc. Another great feature is that you can send “instances” with ready made widgets to others, so they could explore your data.

I’ll be looking into this more in the near future and will try to post what I learn.




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